Halo, a novel in progress,  is a psychological suspense,  exploring the enduring and complex nature versus nurture debate.  Identical twins, born in a remote and secretive principality in the far north of Iceland, are separated at birth and adopted in clandestine circumstances.

Chios, Greece:  Polyxeni is on a mission: she wants to find her real mother. Adopted by Anastasia and Costas Cosmos, her glowing white hair and grey eyes are a stark contrast to the swarthy inhabitants of her island. If only there was one other person who looked like her, she wouldn’t feel quite so alone. She wants to become a geneticist to find clues to her mysterious origins; but her family is poor.  Where on earth can she find the money?

Hollywood USA: Rose, the adopted daughter of Grace and Quinn Foster has been cast as Rapunzel in a Disney movie, thanks to her long shimmering white hair, and her mother’s influence. But Rose’s hair is falling out,  jeopardising her coveted film role. Grace is on a mission to find an exact match. Where on earth could they find such ethereal hair? If only Rose had a twin….



Children’s Picture Books


Melanthe Grand and I have written a series of three picture books: Think of That!  for children aged 4 – 8, that aim to engage and entertain them in tales that subtly show how to understand and manage their own thoughts and feelings effectively.

Set in a playgroup, the stories are about the secret lives of toys who come alive at night. They face every day emotional challenges and find ways of overcoming them.

As mother and daughter psychologists and co-authors, we believe that a series of entertaining picture books that aim to introduce healthy thinking patterns as early as possible will appeal to parents; and that children will be enthralled by the toys and their adventures.

The Psychology Book

by Nigel Benson (Author), Catherine Collin (Author), Joannah Ginsburg (Author), Voula Grand (Author), Merrin Lazyan (Author), Marcus Weeks (Author), Sarah Tomley (Editor)

One of a series of books covering various topics, explaining more than 100 of the most important big ideas and ground breaking theories in a clear and simple way, The Psychology Book provides an excellent introduction to the history of psychology from its roots in philosophy right up to modern studies of autism and psychiatry. The ground-breaking ideas of great thinkers from Freud and Carl Jung to Noam Chomsky and Daniel Kahneman are outlined.

Covering all the schools of psychology including psychotherapy, cognitive psychology, and behaviourism, this handy reference is ideal for students or anyone interested in this popular subject. Hard-to-grasp concepts are explained in clear language with clever graphics that break down the ideas to make them accessible to everyone.

Honor’s Ghost

“Those who forget their past are destined to repeat it.”
Robert A. Heinlein

Honor’s Ghost is about the universal hope that our children won’t inherit our fears and repeat our mistakes.

Psychiatrist Honor Sinclair’s marriage is fracturing in the face of ruinous financial peril. Against her ethical principles, she participates in highly paid clinical trials for a new psychiatric drug, Instil, for minor depression and anxiety. When the trials go wrong and the drug is suddenly withdrawn, pressures upon Honor intensify, and she longs for the seemingly miraculous cure of her Instil clients. She tries the drug herself, and begins to suffer inexplicable and terrifying side effects. Hallucinations haunt her, and she comes to realise that they could be eerie echoes of the experiences of her great grandmother, Annie, which have parallels in her own unraveling life. Honor’s challenge is to find the strength to break the pattern, so that she is not destined to repeat it.

Currently seeking representation for publication.

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Honor’s Shadow

Honor and Madalena were rivals for the love of Thomas when they were young. Now middle aged, secrets of the past have returned to haunt them, stirring up Honor’s desire for vengeance. Both women struggle to maintain control, as their lives become intertwined once more.

A series of events (a painful anniversary, a new psychotherapy client, a photo of Madalena’s daughter in a newspaper), have awakened disturbing memories in Honor. Through her work with Tisi, her strange new client, and her memory of a painful betrayal, she tries to work out what is driving her own unusual behaviour. Her efforts to contain the vengeful impulses of both Tisi and herself are failing. A Greek myth provides a chance to prevent disaster; and ultimately reveals to Honor the drive behind her own desire for revenge.

A letter jolts Madalena’s life of comfort and security. Someone thinks they know something about Madalena’s past that could destroy her carefully constructed life. She is desperate to find out whom, and a new friend helps her to think about who might have sent the letter. Her visits to old enemies become a journey of self discovery, as she attempts to maintain control of her life in the face of danger.

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