by Nigel Benson (Author), Catherine Collin (Author), Joannah Ginsburg (Author), Voula Grand (Author), Merrin Lazyan (Author), Marcus Weeks (Author), Sarah Tomley (Editor)

One of a series of books covering various topics, explaining more than 100 of the most important big ideas and ground breaking theories in a clear and simple way, The Psychology Book provides an excellent introduction to the history of psychology from its roots in philosophy right up to modern studies of autism and psychiatry. The ground-breaking ideas of great thinkers from Freud and Carl Jung to Noam Chomsky and Daniel Kahneman are outlined.

Covering all the schools of psychology including psychotherapy, cognitive psychology, and behaviourism, this handy reference is ideal for students or anyone interested in this popular subject. Hard-to-grasp concepts are explained in clear language with clever graphics that break down the ideas to make them accessible to everyone.

If you’re fascinated by the human mind, the The Psychology Book is a great primer. I wrote the chapters in the section on the Psychology of Differences in Personality and Intelligence. Some of my intriguing start points were:

  • Name as many uses as you can think of for a toothpick
  • Did Robinson Crusoe lack personality traits before the advent of Man Friday?
  • There is an association between insanity and genius
  • We cannot distinguish the sane from the insane in psychiatric hospitals

The Psychology Book was nominated as the British Psychological Society’s Book of the Year in 2012. It was a proud day for me at the British Psychological Society conference in Harrogate, being presented with my certificate.