Halo, a novel in progress,  is a psychological suspense,  exploring the enduring and complex nature versus nurture debate.  Identical twins, born in a remote and secretive principality in the far north of Iceland, are separated at birth and adopted in clandestine circumstances.

Chios, Greece:  Polyxeni is on a mission: she wants to find her real mother. Adopted by Anastasia and Costas Cosmos, her glowing white hair and grey eyes are a stark contrast to the swarthy inhabitants of her island. If only there was one other person who looked like her, she wouldn’t feel quite so alone. She wants to become a geneticist to find clues to her mysterious origins; but her family is poor.  Where on earth can she find the money?

Hollywood USA: Rose, the adopted daughter of Grace and Quinn Foster has been cast as Rapunzel in a Disney movie, thanks to her long shimmering white hair, and her mother’s influence. But Rose’s hair is falling out,  jeopardising her coveted film role. Grace is on a mission to find an exact match. Where on earth could they find such ethereal hair? If only Rose had a twin….