Resilient Thinking for Writers


Isabel Costello, and I have developed a workshop for writers aiming to develop their resilient thinking skills. Isabel is a novelist and short story writer with a background in marketing and communications. Her debut novel Paris Mon Amour was published by Canelo in 2016. In 2011 she started the influential Literary Sofa blog. Isabel’s candid posts on her challenging journey to publication attracted a wide audience, prompting both new and established writers to share their own experiences.

Coping with the inevitable setbacks is an essential part of any writer’s life, yet it gets relatively little attention and is sometimes seen as a taboo subject. But we’ve all been there, and it can come as a relief to discover that other people feel the same way. Between the two of us, Isabel and I have racked up a wide variety of rejections and setbacks, which is why we decided to design a workshop that addresses these tough issues head-on, whilst also being positive, practical and realistic.

Resilient Thinking  for Writers is an energising and interactive session combining presentation, discussion and written exercises.

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