Talking about Honor’s Shadow paperback on the radio

It’s a specially exciting day today, with the launch of Honor’s Shadow in paperback… and last week I had the pleasure of talking about Honor’s Shadow at the Marlow FM book club.  My interviewers, Clare Bones and Vanessa Woolley, read Honor’s Shadow last year, in the hardback edition, and are fans of the book, so it was a great pleasure to talk to them.  You can listen to the ten minute interview at  Marlow FM (4 May 2012) final

The paperback version launches today, and this evening I am speaking and signing at David’s Book shop in Letchworth Garden City.

Book publication is a long process….. When I first started this blog, my second ever post, Countdown to Publication announced the delivery of my manuscript to my publishers Karnac Books … and now, eighteen months later, the paperback is available.

Happy days!

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