Talking about Honor’s Shadow

Last week, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Christina Bachini on “Mid Morning Matters” on Marlow FM Radio, in a wide ranging chat lasting almost an hour.

Edited highlights of the radio interview can be listened to HERE

Christina was interested to know what had motivated me to become a novelist, and how I felt when my novel, Honor’s Shadow, was published.  (Simple answer: ecstatic.)

Christina is a psychotherapist and executive coach, so she showed a particular interest in how I go about developing characters in a novel.  I enjoyed discussing this question as is it a complex process; I talked about how I draw on observations of people, or pick out small aspects of my own character, then exaggerate and develop them into a whole person. One of my favourite authors is Doris Lessing, who has said that all characters develop from some small splinter of the authors personality.  Once I have the basics of a character in my mind, I then apply my knowledge and experience of psychology to create characters that embody a certain type of character dynamic that will make the character believable, given the actions they take in the plot.

My thanks to Christina for her great questions and insights!

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