My first radio interview….!

Tomorrow I have my first radio interview with Marlow FM Radio bookclub.  It’s at 11am and you can listen live at 97.5 FM or on the Internet, here. We are hoping to put a link up to a recording, if technology allows….

The book club programme is presented by Vanessa Woolley, Clare Bones and Serena Spencer-Jones.  After reading a proof copy of Honor’s Shadow, Vanessa asked if she could make a comment for the back of the published book, as she enjoyed it so much.  She said “A tale woven with twists and turns and compelling characters.  You won’t be able to put it down.”  Clare has confessed that parts of it made her cry and she can’t get it out of her head: she is recommending it to all her friends!

Clare will interview me tomorrow and she has sent me some possible and (fascinating) questions for our discussion; she also asked me to suggest a couple of songs I would like to have played, that relate to the book.  A clear choice was “A Place in the Sun” by Stevie Wonder, which is Honor’s favourite record.

I am so looking forward to the interview, it’s very exciting!  I am especially grateful to my good friend and colleague, the brilliant communications coach, Leonie Mellinger, who helped me think about communicating effectively on Radio, so I hope I can put into practice all that she taught me!

Marlow FM is a community radio, run entirely by volunteers for the benefit of the community.  They are currently fund-raising; if you would like to donate, you can do so here.

If you have a chance to listen, I would love to hear any feedback!

2 thoughts on “My first radio interview….!

  1. You have some influential fans by the look of this Vou; and more to come after the broadcast I am sure. I look forward to listening! Dore x

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