Hopes, dreams and memories

There is freedom waiting for you,

On the breezes of the sky,

And you ask “What if I fall?”

Oh but my darling, 

What if you fly?

Erin Hanson


Fear cannot be without hope nor hope without fear.’ – Baruch Spinoza

At the dawn of a new year, one of my hopes is to realise my ambition to publish Honor’s Ghost, my new novel. And, of course, I also fear the disappointment of hopes dashed….

Honor’s Ghost is all about hope… specifically about the universal hope that our children won’t inherit our fears and repeat our mistakes.  Honor’s marriage is fracturing, under a network of pressures, and her long dead ancestor, Annie, wants to help her.  She is trying to warn Honor not to repeat a destructive pattern of dynamics in her marriage.

“Hope. That magic word.  Well there was always hope for their marriage; unless they had destroyed too much these last few months.” Honor’s Ghost

As the underlying themes of Honor’s Ghost are hopes, dreams and memories, during 2015 I’m dedicating my blog to reflections on these ideas, beginning with a series of six posts on hope, exploring:

  • Hope: can we agree what it is?
  • Hope springs eternal… But why?
  • When all hope is lost…
  • Hope: the cruellest feeling..
  • Hope: nature or nurture?
  • Hope in the face of death or madness

Throughout history, there have been numerous symbolic representations of hope: butterflies, swallows, anchors, shells, rainbows. Each post will be illustrated by an original artwork, based upon one of these symbols, painted by Melanthe Grand.  This first image of the enduring symbol of hope, transformation and new beginnings represented by the butterfly, suggests that there is more to life than the current reality and the current moment, like the caterpillar before it transforms into the beautiful butterfly. Who would ever look at a caterpillar and believe it could fly?

I hope you will join me, and add your own thoughts and experiences to the discussion. Watch out for the first post, next week: Hope: can we agree what it is?

Meanwhile, feel free to share what you hope and dream of in 2015… and finally, and a little belatedly, Happy New Year!

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