Honor’s Shadow – a new novel to be published in September 2011 by Karnac Books

Honor’s Shadow is a contemporary tale of betrayal and revenge. Honor and Madalena, were rivals for the love of Thomas when they were young.  Now middle aged, their paths have crossed again, awakening old feelings of rivalry and vengeance.  Both women struggle to maintain control, as their lives become intertwined once more.

A series of events (a painful anniversary, a new psychotherapy client, a photo of Madalena’s daughter in a newspaper), have awakened disturbing memories in Honor.  Through her work with Tisi, her strange new client, and her memory of a painful betrayal, she tries to work out what is driving her own unusual behaviour.  Her efforts to contain the vengeful impulses of both Tisi and herself are failing.  An old Greek myth provides a chance to prevent disaster; and ultimately reveals to Honor the drive behind her own desire for revenge.

A letter jolts Madalena’s life of comfort and security.  Someone thinks they know something about Madalena’s past that could destroy her carefully constructed life.  She is desperate to find out whom, and a new friend helps her to think about who might have sent the letter.  Her visits to old enemies become a journey of self discovery, as she attempts to maintain control of her life in the face of danger.

12 thoughts on “Honor’s Shadow – a new novel to be published in September 2011 by Karnac Books

  1. I’ve had a look and read the first chapter! Well done Voula for a fantastic achievment. Cant wait to read the book in full!

  2. I’ve only seen the first page and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and read it from cover to cover – well done Voula! I’m waiting in anticipation!

  3. I’ve long shared your delight in similar books, afterall you did introduce me to Margaret Forster novels some 10 years ago. I know I shall also delight in reading YOUR very own novel, Voula. You’re so very gifted – I wish you so much success with this. Definitely wanting the copy I buy to be personally signed. Just curling up to read the 1st chapter.

    much love Marion x

  4. Hi Voula,
    I have put a ‘buy alert’ in my June calendar and will surely enjoy this for a lovely summer read!
    As a coach you have been a great support this year, now I’m sure you’ll continue to inspire me…. Who knows I might follow my dream some day to write a book : )
    x Anouk

  5. “Voula weaves tension through her characters lives, which at first introduction appear sorted and successful, and then begin to unravel when suspicions and long-held jealousies surface. Insights into human nature tumble casually off the page with profound impact for the reader. I read an early draft of Honor’s Shadow and couldn’t put it down, it’s a real page turner.”
    Go girl…………… Lorraine Bateman

  6. I had the pleasure of reading the first draft of Honor’s Shadow, which even then was so well written and absorbing I found myself thinking about the characters during the day and couldn’t put the book down in the evening. I’m really looking forward to reading the final, published version and all future works by this talented and perceptive author. A masterly debut.

  7. I just wanted to say how great is that first chapter – it really grabbed me and I can’t wait for your book to come out! It’s full of mystery and drama as well as the thoughtfulness of a wonderful psychologist. I want a signed copy, mind…! 🙂

  8. I have had the opportunity to read drafts of Honor’s Shadow as it has developed and grown. I have enjoyed the privilege immensely. Wondering how the plot would thicken kept me reading, worrying how close the characters would come to the edge involved my emotions and the analysis of the twists and turns of the drama and human behaviour and motivations made me think. The characters aren’t always likeable, and the way they behave is not always admirable, but they are believable, and their dilemmas and frailties make them real and captivating.

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