Countdown to publication….

Two weeks have passed since I delivered the manuscript of my novel to my publishers, with the greatest of care.  Got it all printed out, using the best quality paper.   Made sure I had several spare black ink cartridges for the printer.   Went through my publishers instructions with a fine tooth comb, fearful that the slightest error would earn me a red card.

Found the perfect size box to swaddle it in, so it didn’t move around at all.   Used my best memory stick to copy it on to it and carefully wrapped that in a padded envelope.  Printed out the label and taped it, very neatly, to the box.   (Having first blown kisses of good luck into the box.)  (And got my husband to do the same).


Not that I posted it.  I wouldn’t trust the Royal Mail, not with this.  No, it (she?) travelled on the front seat of my car, to be transported personally and royally to the publishers office.

Massive sigh of relief when I got there, and they didn’t all laugh at me and say “April fool….”  It was surprisingly hard to leave the premises; like the first day I left my baby with a childminder.

Having overcome one huge hurdle on the road to publication (how do I find a publisher?) another one immediately loomed: how will my book get noticed, and sell in reasonable numbers?

And that was when I encountered a whole new virtual world of communication, with its own language and conventions.  Few of which I knew.  And yet… and yet… armed only with a husband who can sort out technology standing on his head, and unparalleled motivation, within a few days, I had an updated website, a blog, a Twitter account, and a Facebook page for Honor’s Shadow; all connected up and integrated.

The next challenge – videos of me speaking about the book and reading from it.  Apparently that’s easy too.   Watch this space

11 thoughts on “Countdown to publication….

  1. You cannot blame Voula for the anguish and attention she took getting ‘her treasure’ to the publisher’s – so much hard work and research went into it and ofcourse so much emotion. I read the early and the finished version and can guarantee that it is a pacey, interesting and thought provoking story, that keeps you glued to it to see what happens but at the same time and at a deeper level stikes chords inside you to compare with. I loved the book and wish that like most future readers did not know what will happen. I am also proud to be the sister on an Italian beach when/where the idea was born.

  2. I loved the excerpt – I will be first in line for the book. Italian beach? Can I meet you there Chrys, and see if I get inspired with a novel topic? Seriously though, it must be quite the journey from an idea’s sprouting to its transformation into a well-crafted and finely-tuned book, which this appears to be. And then letting it go into the world, knowing that you’ve incubated it long enough and it is finally a version of “ready”. I can understand Voula’s reluctance to let it go at the office! I wonder if she drove a little more slowly with it, like we do with our newborn babies on the way back from the hospital?

  3. Having been privileged to be part of a book club chosen by Voula for one of the first reviews of the early novel, I am now looking forward to reading the published copy knowing that maybe a small, even tiny suggestion of mine may be included – was it Vou?

    I enjoyed the story, its’ plot, and quickly aligned myself to certain characters, finding a lot of common ground. , I am really looking forward to reading the finished novel, I very rarely read a book twice but I can’t wait to start this again!

    1. Liz, you’re going to have to read it again to find out!! Why not send the link to your book club pals, so that they can follow progress too? xx

  4. Voula,

    I have just joined a book club and will send them this link plus recommend your book for reading when it is PUBLISHED! wonderful news and big congratulations. Best Margot

  5. Voula, many congratulations!! This is a fanastic achievement and I look forward to reading Honor’s Shadow: coming to the book signing, the after party and a ‘bit’ part in the forth coming movie…..Viv xx
    ps interested to hear if hubby has now resumed normal standing position?

  6. Voula – I know you to be a great psychologist and a thoughtful, caring, articulate person with a wealth of experience with human stuggles and emotions. If we now add to the mix your imagination and creativity, the result can only be fantastic! I eagerly await the chance to savor the book.

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