Unforgettable stories…..

“It is easy to forget how mysterious and mighty stories are. They do their work in silence, invisibly. They work with all internal materials of the mind and self. They become part of you while changing you. Beware the stories you read or tell: subtly at night, beneath the waters of consciousness they are altering your world.” Ben Okri

Psychology and novel writing: intimately connected

In a recent interview with Nick Coffer of BBC Three Counties Radio, I talked about my work as a business psychologist.  As I had been interviewed by Nick previously,  about my novel, Honor’s Shadow,  this new interview made me think about the similarities and differences of  my two occupations.

A novel experience….

“As the secrets and lies unfolded, I got caught up in both the storyline and the experience.  I say the experience because the author manages to evoke the feelings of tension and release that occur with suppression and catharsis.”  (Alexandra Dodgson-Liosatos)