Coming soon: your immortal brain

“….an exact replica of your brain will hold your memories, will act and think and feel the way you do, and will experience your consciousness — irrespective of whether it’s built out of biological cells, Tinkertoys, or zeros and ones.”      David Eagleman

What are your earliest memories?

“Here was her past, in chronological order.  Here were all the people she had loved, and still loved; here were her family and her friends, having good times; here were her beloved children.
Here were all her memories, so that she would never forget.” Honor Sinclair

The Kingdom Above the Clouds

Long, long ago, there lived, in the land which we call Greece, a race of brave men and beautiful women. They thought their own land the best and the fairest in the world……. So they said, “There must be some mighty people living above us, who rule the sun and the moon and the stars and the oceans and the rivers and the woods and everything else. They are great and happy and good, and they live forever; they can do whatever they please, and from them come all our joys and sorrows. Let us worship them and sing of them.” And they called these mighty people gods and goddesses.