What are your earliest memories?

“Here was her past, in chronological order.  Here were all the people she had loved, and still loved; here were her family and her friends, having good times; here were her beloved children.
Here were all her memories, so that she would never forget.” Honor Sinclair

Could you keep a secret? Forever?

“Secrets erect barriers that shut other people out… holding out on undesirable, embarrassing information can turn you into a kind of undercover agent, someone who must be on guard constantly lest the dangerous truths about your character and history emerge….. the secret is your closest companion.” “Secrets, Lies, Betrayals” by Maggie Scarf

Who wants to be a trophy wife?

“I said to Jessie, you must be proud that your daughter’s life turned out so different to yours. She looked at me in that way she has, out of the side of her eyes, almost flirtatious. ‘Not that different Jack’ she said, ‘I used to turn a trick for a fiver, she turns a trick for a fancy mansion. It’s just a question of price after all.’” Jack in Honor’s Shadow