Calling all book clubs….

In my efforts to attract readers to my novel Honor’s Shadow, I am looking for book clubs who will read it and allow me to visit and listen in to their discussion.  It is the current choice of a book club in North London, and I’m looking forward to meeting them at the end of the month, to hear their discussion, answer questions, and speak about the book. I am now writing Honor’s Ghost, the second of the trilogy that makes up Honor’s Dilemmas, so it will be so helpful to me to receive feedback on what does and doesn’t work in my fiction writing.

Early on in the writing of Honor’s Shadow, a book club in Windsor read the first draft, so I could get a sense of whether the story line was appealing and interesting.   That group said that they had never read a book that generated so much animated debate and controversy; they thought that was because: “it’s about the things women fear…infidelity, abandonment, betrayal, revenge, female rivalry…”

I know that some book clubs have a “no hardbacks” rule; and Honor’s Shadow won’t be out in paperback until Spring/Summer next year.  As I’d love to get some feedback ahead of that time, I am able to offer books either on a loan basis or at a discounted price.

If it would be useful, I can provide a discussion guide to groups to provoke discussion – though my experience with the Windsor group showed that the book raises quite enough questions on its own.

So if you have a book club and would like to suggest Honor’s Shadow, do let me know if I can help, by providing books, and a discussion guide.  If your group is located in the South East of England, I would be delighted to visit: so let me know the time and place, and we can make a date.

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