I write fiction, non-fiction, and a blog: diverse forms of writing that have something common: they let me convey psychological ideas in a practical way,  offering insights for self help.

In my professional work as a psychologist, I apply the science of positive psychology, working closely with leaders facing complex business challenges. A powerful element of that is the identification of obstacles to goals, and how to overcome them. And that is also a fundamental element of most fiction: a hero or heroine wants something: love, success, peace of mind, freedom, knowledge, maturity, and strives to achieve it, overcoming many challenges along the way. So, for me, psychology and storytelling are profoundly entwined.

My main interests in psychology are how our brains work, and how our thoughts and emotions can support us to lead fulfilling, resilient and joyful lives. And my main interests in fiction are exactly the same…

Brief biography

  • Born and raised in Barry, South Wales
  • Educated at:
    • London School of Economics (BSc(Hons) in Psychology)
    • Birkbeck College, London University, (MA in Creative Writing)


  • MA in Creative Writing -Birkbeck, London University
  • Faber Academy Edit Your Novel Course


  • Associate Fellow of the British Psychology Society


  • Lives in Buckinghamshire and London with her husband
  • Mother and stepmother to five adult sons and daughters